Highlighted Features of SharePoint Migration Tool

There are numerous reasons to opt for Office 365 SharePoint Data Migration Software.

Move SharePoint data to another SharePoint account Smoothly

Fast & Instant Migration

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Complete SharePoint Migration

The SharePoint Migration Tool has the capability to export List, Document Library, Document Folders, Sets from one SharePoint site to another SharePoint 365 site. The advance algorithms boost the data migration which you will find only in this SharePoint Migration Wizard.

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Selective Data Migration

This is one of the highlight feature which help users to get rid from complete migration. You need not to skip every single file which you do not want to transfer. Select "Include File Types of Migration", and enter your desired file type (like doc, pdf, txt, html etc) which you want to export.


Support Tenant Migration

Office 365 SharePoint tenant to tenant migration is possible with this magical wizard. The software allow you to export SharePoint content to different SharePoint tenant site. This is what makes it the best SharePoint Migration Tool for Windows.

Special Features of SharePoint Migration Tool

Value added Features

User Friendly Interface

SharePoint Migration Tool is specially developed for novices or non technical minded users. The tool has a very self-guided and straightforward graphical user interface. Hence any novice can easily migrate SharePoint site to another SharePoint site without any assistance. On the other hand the navigation menus are well maintained to experience the best data migration.

Quick Frequent Migration

If your SharePoint site migration is frequent then you need not to go through submitting your URL and credentials again and again. As the tool will automatically store your URL and account login credentials in it database. This will help admin to migrate the same site data again; the software will suggest all the Site URL that was stored earlier. Hence this feature will save user's time as well.

Migrate Permission & Versions

The Office 365 SharePoint Migration software allows the user to preserve source file permission on another SharePoint site. All you have to do is just create a CSV file containing source as well as Destination user's address and upload into the software. Meta and version history will also get transferred from one SharePoint to another SharePoint site.

What else You can Do with this Program

Features which Makes it the Best SharePoint Migration Tool

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Analyze Activity Status

The SharePoint Migration Tool will show the preview of data migration process. You can track and analyze the live migration with the help of graphical representation of SharePoint to Office 365 SharePoint migration software. You can view the following things: Source Path, Total Count, Success Count, and Job Status.

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Apply Date Filter

This option will let users to transfer SharePoint data to another SharePoint data of a specific date or period. There are basically two types of filters which are available in this software.

  • Created Date : Export Data on the bases of its creation date.
  • Modified Date: Transfer SharePoint data on the bases of modification date.

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Advance Migration Option

SharePoint Migration Tool offer users to transfer document library, list and other items with two advance options.

  • 1. Create New: This option will create new items.
  • 2. Overwrite: This option will overwrite the existing files.

Advance Features of SharePoint to SharePoint Migration Tool

The features are not over yet, Check out what so special about this tool

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Generate Activity Log Report

After successful Office 365 SharePoint migration of documents, lists, folders, permissions to another SharePoint site; you can save the summary report in CSV file. This file contains all the details of data migration such as Source and Destination URL, Migrated Count, Failed Count, Total Count etc.

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For Windows

SharePoint Migration Software is workable in all version of Windows Operating System such as (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000 etc.) You can run this application in 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit architecture machine smoothly.

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24/7 Support

People expect good service but only few are willing to give it. We are these Few, we offer 24/7 Online Chat Support to our valuable customers. You can contact us anytime our technical experts are always ready to serve you.

Pricing of SharePoint Migration Tool

Find Out the different licenses and their pricing of SharePoint Office 365 Migration Software.

Features Standard License
Migrates List
Migrates Document Files
Migrates Document Folders
SharePoint Tenant to Tenant Migration
Unlimited Migration
Migrate Group / Distribution List
Computer Activations Multiple
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How SharePoint Migration Tool Works?

Get an overview of SharePoint site to another SharePoint site migration process through screens

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Step 1 :Download & Run SharePoint Site to Site migration tool

sharepoint migration wizard

Step 2 :Enter Site URL, User ID & their Password.

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Step 3 :User filters to optimized SharePoint to SharePoint migration process.

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Step 4 :Migrate task successfully completed.

Commonly Asked Questions?

Follow the below steps to transfer export SharePoint site data;

  • Step 1: Run SharePoint Online Migration Tool on your system.
  • Step 2: Add Source SharePoint account credentials and Site URL. Click on Next.
  • Step 3: Afterward, select date filter and map the source site permission to destination.
  • Step 4: Input Version Number and other advanced features. Then, hit Next button.
  • Step 5: Enter Destination Site URL and account login details.
  • Step 6: At last, click on Export.

Yes, The Sharepoint migration software has an option to Skip Previously Migrated items which can import new data during the same document and list migration again.

SharePoint Migration Tool is completely Windows-based software. It is easily workable on all version of Windows including Windows 10, 7, XP, Server 2000 etc.

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